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 Design leader & maker of things.



A little bit about me

I am a creative problem solver and design leader with over two decades of professional experience, and over half of which has been spent leading and developing top-performing product and UX design teams. I enjoy the challenges of understanding a problem space from the 10,000ft view, making sense of the grey area, and connecting the dots to get tactical, creating large-scale, seamless experiences. I’m at my best when exploring new ideas and determining the best and most efficient ways to bring them to life for customers to enjoy, solving their needs before they might even be aware they have one.

I am a design evangelist, a culture creator, an advocate for my team, and a believer that great design should, generally, go unnoticed by the user and intuitively and effortlessly guide them to success.

I have a long track record of building and developing high-performing teams, a positive culture, and as an advocate for diversity and inclusion. I love to surround myself with people I can learn from and with differing points of view, experiences, and ideas—the more variety, the better. I am dedicated to paying it forward and supporting others’ career development, and I look forward to the day that one of my team members will soon become the next leader who offers me a role on their team.

Work Experience


Head of Identity Experiences

2022 – present • Capital One

I currently lead a team of 15-20 multi-disciplined designers who deliver highly secure and trusted experiences designed to safeguard customers’ identities and financial well-being. While spending equal amounts of time reacting to fraud trends and strengthening our current capabilities, we also actively explore new technologies that can be leveraged, introducing innovative experiences to our customers. This often makes Capital One the first large-scale bank to adopt or introduce them to the marketplace (liveness detection, passkeys, biometrics, etc.).


UX Director: Small Business

2019 – 2022 • Capital One

Returning to Capital One in September 2019, I co-led a team of designers (UX/UI, Design Strategy, Research, Content Strategy, Design Ops, etc) across two LOBs (Small Business Card and Bank) who created a wide array of products and services supporting Small Business owners. As a strategic thought leader on this team, I was critical in elevating design’s visibility and value in the organization, resulting in a more than 2X growth from 20 designers to over 50, including expanding our researcher team from 1 to 8. In 2021, the business exceeded its $80 Billion revenue goal by earning over $100 Billion due partly to the design-influenced delivery of many innovative solutions and products anchored in discovery and solving for core customer needs.


Head of Design & Branded Experiences

2018 – 2019 • Snagajob

After the company decided to close the lab’s doors, I led and actively developed a team of 40+ designers from varied disciplines and skill sets across Product, UX, and Marketing who repositioned Snagajob as no longer just an hourly job board but a marketplace for hourly work services and products serving millions of job seekers and employers. While it was an excellent opportunity to advance my career, this was different from my goal then, and I sought a new role where I could again innovate and be challenged.


Product & Experience Innovation Director

2016 – 2018 • Snagajob

As a founding member of the Innovation Lab at Snagajob, I was responsible for developing products and services to reimagine the ‘future of work.’ Our first effort, a gig economy platform now called SHIFTS, was called the ‘Uber for work’ and lept from a single in-market pilot to a multi-city expansion, generating positive revenue for the company in just 18 months. Filling thousands of shifts monthly in each city and at hundreds of business locations, SHIFTS by Snagajob now serves workers and businesses nationwide.


Head of Design Language & Systems

2014 – 2016 • Capital One

While at Capital One, I led several enterprise-level initiatives, including the design and delivery of platform migrations, building component-based platform systems, and creating accessibility and content strategy teams. In 2013, I led the design and strategy for launching a 2,500-page responsive web experience at, making Capital One the first top-10 bank worldwide to launch a fully responsive website and marketplace, garnering international attention in the design community.

By 2014, I had taken on the responsibility of owning and developing design languages and systems. In collaboration with Brand and Engineering, I defined standards and best practices that were instrumental in delivering a fully immersive set of guidelines. These guidelines were leveraged by thousands of employees and agencies, significantly enhancing the company’s operations.



Prior Work Experiences

2008 – 2014 • Capital One • Fun fact: I was designer number 10 at Capital One (currently over 800) and throughout my early career at the company I was a design lead on several large acquisition & migration efforts (Chevy Chase, ING Direct, etc) with a focus on creating web experiences for our customers. During this time I was also responsible for:

  • 2012 – 2014 Design lead for the site and home page: Led a team of designers supporting, delivering dynamic experiences based on various user data and behaviors
  • 2013 Responsive Web: Design lead who defined strategy and execution
  • 2010-2012 Web re-platforming: led the design and delivery of Capital One’s first design & component system resulting in increased self-service delivery efficiencies (reduced deployment times from weeks to days to minutes)
  • 2011 Home page redesign lead
  • 2008 – 2011 Bank & Card acquisitions: Northfork Bank, Chevy Chase Bank, ING Direct, etc.
  • 2008 Brand refresh: updated Capital One’s identity across web properties

2006 – 2008 • Maxpitch Media • Design lead for all digital media channels, marketing, branding, physical and print products

2004- 2006 • Hohner Instruments • Designer creating all digital, print, and trade show graphics/physical design assets for a renowned musical instrument company. While employed at Hohner I also worked directly with artists and received several print media awards for ad campaigns that elevated the Honer brand and introduced products to a new and younger demographic.



Certs & Awards


  • Circle of Excellence (2X Winner 2014, 2023)
    Capital One’s highest achievement is awarded quarterly to those who deliver extraordinary impact at a large scale.
  • Human Factors CUA & CXA
    Certified Usability/Experience Analyst
  • Richmond Innovation Awards
    2018 Finalist
  • DC Innovation Awards
    2018 Finalist / Runner-up in Established Business Category

Speaking Highlights


Inclusive Research Practices: A Field Guide  July 16, 2021
AQUENT UX & Product Summer Camp Series: Virtual

The Next New Normal & the Future of Work March 26, 2021
Human Factors Design Leadership Conference: Virtual

Accessibility for Design 101 August 22, 2020
AQUENT UX & Product Summer Camp Series: virtual

Influence By Design February 27, 2019
Experience Design Week: Denver, CO

Building a Boat: Opportunities VS. Solutions Workshop October 18, 2018
RVA Women in Tech: Richmond, VA

Gig Economy Panel Discussion May 1, 2018
Hour Minds: Charleston, SC
*Also presented in 2016 and 2017

(Stay) Open for Business with the Gig Economy April 18, 2018
Restaurant Leadership Conference: Phoenix, AZ

FU:UX – Designing for HUMANS September 21, 2016
UX Notts: Nottingham, UK

Designing Experiences for HUMANS Not Users January 13, 2016
NoVa UX: McLean, VA

My UX Career: A Q&A with Design Leaders September 17, 2015
SF UX Meetup: San Francisco, CA

Design Systems at Scale June 18, 2015
American Banker Innovation Summit: Austin, TX

Design Systems and QA October 2, 2014
Digital QA Summit: Chicago, IL

Turning the Ship: Responsive Design at Scale September 29, 2014
Artifact Conference: Providence, RI

Turning the Ship: Responsive Design at Scale May 5, 2014
Artifact Conference: Austin, TX

*More dates and details available upon request.


Advisory Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University: Faculty and student advisor to the Product Development & Innovation program in the School of the Arts: 2016-2018

ECPI: Associate degree in Web Design: Completed a two-year program in 13 months w/ 4.0 GPA & summa cum laude honors: 2004

Virginia Commonwealth University: Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Painting/Printmaking w/ double minor in sculpture & photography: 1997

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